Celebration Generosity logoThere have been lots of times since we started COMMUNITY that I have been really proud of how our people have responded to a challenge, but few times more than this weekend!  This weekend was Celebration Generosity where 100% of everything that is contributed we give away to one of 4 teams in the name
of Jesus (the Neighborhood Team, the Barangay Team, the Village Team, and the
Reproducing Church Team). This is the third year that we have done this. Two years ago we gave away $250,000 and last year we gave away $417,000!

And this year?  We still have more on-line giving that is coming in for Celebration Generosity, but so far we have given more than $560,000! Amazing stuff!!  And we had 184 people who gave to COMMUNITY for the very first time!  That is whole lot of people taking the first steps on their own generosity journey.  But just think about all the kids that
live in under-resourced communities and in poverty that will be helped!  Just
think about all the new churches that will be started!  And just think about all the
people that will find their way back to God!

If you were not at COMMUNITY this past
weekend the on-line giving option is always
available. Click here for more info or to
give!  And make sure that you are at one of our eleven locations this weekend as we announce the final total!

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