Defining_moments_3 I jut got my February issue of the Willow Creek Association’s Defining Moments.  Defining Moments is a monthly audio journal where Bill Hybels and Nancy Beach interview church leaders.  A few months ago they invited Jon Ferguson, Eric Bramlett and myself to discuss our book and the concept of The Big Idea.

This was a really cool experience for us.  First, it’s just cool to talkThe_big_idea_book_2

with Bill and Nancy.  Secondly, it is almost un-imaginable that they are actually interviewing us!?!  Thirdly, it was very weird to think that they both sat down and read The Big Idea.  And lastly, Hybels gave The Big Idea a huge endorsement.  He was so enthusiastic about The Big Idea that I almost didn’t believe him!?!

If you don’t subscribe to Defining Moments, I highly recommend it.  I have been a regular listener for several years.  And if you want to get a copy of the Defining Moments on The Big Idea, click HERE.

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