Logo145x42You ever get a compliment from someone and you find yourself scratching your head afterwards asking, “was that really a compliment?” So, I’m in a meeting today and somebody says to me, “What makes you such a good leaders is that you surround yourself with people that are better than you.”  “Thanks” (…I think???).  What does that mean?  Was that really a compliment?  I know my brother Jon hates it when people tell him he is a really
humble leader.  He takes it like they think he is holding back and
reserved.  (I have to blog for Jon because he doesn’t have a blog…yet)  There is one old guy at our Romeoville location who once every couple months pulls me aside and says, “You know, you are going to be a really good speaker.”  “Thanks” (…I think???). So, did you ever get one of those compliments that left you scratching your head asking, “Was that really a compliment?”

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