I’m sitting in O’Hare Airport and our plane is delayed by an hour.  18 hours from now Cliff Parrish, Tim Bakker, Tom Greever, my son Josh and I will land in Manila, Philippines.  Our destination is San Pablo, where we will spend 8 days with our newest NewThing affiliate church while working with Frontline Ministries.  I’m really excited to get to see first hand what Jeff Pessina and his team are doing there.  They are so committed and such impressive people.  A little over 20 years ago Jeff became a Christ Follower and then 6 weeks later sold everything he had and moved to the Philippines to help accomplish the mission of Jesus.  Talk about speedy obedience!?!  I’m hoping that I will have time to post some photos and give you my first hand impressions of the good stuff that God is doing there.  If you think about us, ask God to use our time to better accomplish His mission.

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