Clairvoyant1I got this from Seth Godin’s blog.  He is usually brilliant, but this time he was just funny!

Speaking of unforeseen circumstances – last night I was speaking at the Yellow Box and it was full of them for me.  First, we had different staging to accommodate an acoustic set (which I thought totally worked).  But since the staging was different it meant adjusting the spot from where I would teach.  And the lighting in the new spot made my face glow – so I would need make-up.  Ugh! Next thing you know I’m in the men’s bathroom with Tom Greever and Katrina Pelters getting my face powered and being made fun of at the same time.  I should be used to last minute changes; I create enough of them!  That wasn’t so bad, but then in the middle of my talk some kid from the neighborhood came over to the Yellow Box. We like kids from the neighborhood hanging out, but I wish they would leave their laser pointer at home.   This kid brought his laser pointer and a sinister purpose.   So in the middle of my talk some kid through the upstairs glass is pointing his red laser pointer at me (specifically my crotch – which proves he was in junior high).  I can see Troy and Bill in the back of the room trying to find the person with the laser pointer; and I wanted to stop the message to point at the kid but we were videotaping it.  Ugh again!  We did get one good videotape of the message, but it was a night of unforeseen circumstances!

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