5th Grade YMCA Spirit League Bball Champs 2008
If I was not doing what I do, I would be a coach.  I love coaching and seeing kids accomplish something they didn’t know they could accomplish.  I guess come to think of it, if I’m doing my job as a pastor it is a lot like coaching.

This is my YMCA Spirit League boys 5th grade basketball team, the Ballers.  My son, Caleb is the furthest to the right in the first row.

We had a super season.  The boys went undefeated this season and this is them celebrating after winning the championship in a come from behind victory.  We were down 18-15 going into the fourth quarter and the guys cranked up the defense and finally got their offense working and we outscored the other team 14-2 to win 29-20.  This is the third season I have had some of these guys and the third year in a row we have gone without a loss and won the championship.  They are terrific group of kids with super parents.  Congrats Ballers!

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