Amy_with_rwandanOk, so I said the last pic was my favorite.  It was until I saw this pic.  Now I have a new favorite.  This is my daughter Amy and some of her new friends from the little village of Gitumba in Rwanda.  We are having a great time.  If you go to CCC and you have a teen – I would highly recommend that you go on a short term mission trip with them.  It will be great for you, them and your relationship. If you don’t go to CCC and you want to do this with your student, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll find you a contact with us or another organization.  If you want to get Amy’s take on our trip – check out her blog at [a]-Me.

Dave_ben_dancing_in_rwandaThis is also a favorite pic of me because this is Ben Pahlow, the President of Global Family Rescue and I dancing in the middle of the Rwandan Church in Gitumba.  I didn’t get to teach at church, so I danced!  Aren’t you glad I’m on the teaching team at CCC!

Since I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying during church Ben took advantage of the situation and lied to me saying, “Dave, the pastor says they want you to dance with them.”  I didn’t know if he was serious or not so I said, “If you do it I’ll do it.”  And the next thing you know we are dancing in the middle of church.  It was a blast!!

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