This series from the book of Proverbs, Making Life Work is one of my favorites in a long time!  The feedback we have been getting from the people of CCC has been outstanding.  This weekend we discussed how Truthfulness Makes Life Work and focused on Proverbs 27:6, “faithful are the wounds of a friend”.  I had one person who came up to me after a service who told me that he was going tell “the truth in love” to his dad about a destructive behavior pattern that had gone on for forty years.  I had another person tell me that they were going to have a truth-telling conversation with someone involved in an affair and on the verge of divorce.  That was just a couple of the many conversations I had with people this weekend.  I love how the people of CCC are willing to hear the wisdom of God and then take action on it!  Good stuff.  If you want to watch this message, click HERE.

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