Tow_truck_materSome of you know we have been wanting to do a Two+ Practicum for churches that want to go to more than 2 sites.  This practicum in D.C. turned out to be the Tow+ Practicum! We finished up the NewThing Multi-Site Practicum yesterday with a terrific group of churches around 2:00 pm. Since our plane didn’t leave until 7:50 and Pat had never been to Washington D.C. we all volunteered to be her tour guide.  Everything was going great…we got to see the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument, the WW II Memorial, the Viet Nam Memorial and more.  Eric, John and I were each trying to do out each other with our knowledge of American history trivia.  A good time was had by all so around 4:30 we start heading back to our van to get something to eat and get to the airport  on time.  Just one problem – our van is not where we parked it!  It is no where to be found.  Gone!  Where is our van?  If we would have looked at the meter the on street parking was only permissible till 4:00.  Our van from Dollar Rent-A-Car got towed!  Ugh  So, 10 phone calls and $100 later we got our van and got to the airport.  Only in time to find out our plane was going to be delayed!

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