If it is possible to have too much fun in one day, I think it might have happened yesterday. Caleb, my nine year old son and I had a day of non-stop from from beginning to end!  It started with a morning and afternoon at Six Flags Great America.  There were literally no lines so we just rode one roller coaster after another.  One time we did the Demon 3 times in a row without getting off!  I love having kids!!  At about 4:30 we made an ice cream stop at one of our favorite places and headed for the Bears game at Soldier Field.  The traffic was brutal, but we refused to let it squelch our fun and Caleb enjoyed his first ever Bears game!  We left home at about 8 am and got home around 12:30 am.  Non-stop fun!

This is a pic of Caleb and I on our ascent while on the American Eagle roller coaster just before the big drop!  This was his favorite roller coaster.


This is us at the Bears game the same night.  Yes, it was just a pre-season game and yes they lost…but it was still fun to be at Soldier Field together!

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