Thriving_churches_3I just got a copy of Thriving Churches in the 21st Century by Dan Reeves and Gary McIntosh.   I haven’t had a chance to read it from cover to cover, but it was kind of cool that Community Christian Church was one of the eight case studies in the book.  Here are a couple of the flattering excerpts that describe CCC:

“…they’ve worked as a team who are clear about their vision and passionate about it’s implementation.  They understand who they are and what they are about.  They have established their DNA, and many others are drawn to the clarity of their mission and the attractiveness of their teams…”

“The team under Dave’s leadership has a high-speed mapping process that is as unobtrusive as breathing.  They assess, then accelerate, assess again, and then accelerate even more…”

In the case study, Dan Reeves also made a few really encouraging and kind comments about my leadership and potential leadership.  Thanks Dan!  Dan is one of a handful of people that God has really used in my life.  Dan was the guy who first introduced me to Wayne Cordiero, Erwin McManus and others.  Getting to know those kinds of leaders has really accelerated my own leadership.   I don’t know anyone who is better at getting people connected than Dan Reeves.  For that reason alone I’m grateful to Dan.  So, I’m anxious to dig into this book and hear what he has to say about his take on Thriving Churches in the 21st Century.

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