A few months ago I got a
call from Brian Lowery
(good guy!) of Preaching Today asking me if I would do an interview on
the power of a collaborative teaching team.
  And the last couple weeks the interview has
been featured on and in two parts. They
titled it the interview Group Sermon Preparation: The
Power of a Collaborative Effort

When I talk about a collaborative
teaching team, it is far different than most teaching teams.  Most teams are like pitching staff on a
baseball team; we are more like a basketball team.
  Here is an excerpt from chapter 10:  The Big Idea Teaching Team Meeting of The Big Idea that
explains what I’m talking about:

“Our teaching team doesn’t know any other way. Most all of the teaching teams that I have
observed are like a baseball team with a pitching staff.  And that pitching
staff will put one pitcher on the mound and the whole crowd will watch to see
if he can bring a victory to his team.  And pitching staffs always have a
#1 pitcher who is called their ace.  And if there is a big game on the
line, you always go with your ace to get the win.

The kind of teaching team that best creates The BIG IDEA is not
like a pitching staff, it’s more like a basketball team.  All the players
on a basketball team have a position to play and know that if they are going to
be successful than they have to pass the ball and run the play.  A good
basketball team must have all five players on the court and not just one
pitcher on the mound.  A basketball team will have a leading scorer, but
they know that to be a great team every player must be able to shoot the ball
and score.  Our team is much more like a basketball team; we have some
players that are more skilled for certain positions but we depend on the entire
team for the victory and not just one ace.”

If you want to check out  Group Sermon Preparation: The
Power of a Collaborative Effort
, here is PART 1 and here is PART 2.  Let me know what you think. 

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