Over the last couple years myself and some of the staff at Community Christian Church have developed a friendship with the team at CedarCreek Community Church in Toledo, Oho.  We first connected with their leadership team a couple years ago when they came to a Multi-Site Practicum offered by our NewThing Network.  It was obvious that this was a truly exceptional church and one of the things that caught our attention is this amazing outreach they do two or three times every year called the BIG PUSH. (If you don’t know aobut it – check it out.  Rumor is they are considering a conference soon.) It has been a great contributor to this 10 year old church that has grown to over 5,000 in attendance.  I was very interested.

So  about a year ago that Lee Powell, the Lead Pastor at CedarCreek called me and said, “why don’t you come to Toledo and give our staff a half-day on how to do multi-site and I’ll spend the second half of the day teaching you about the BIG PUSH.”  I loved the idea and that is what we did.

Well, we implemented much of what Lee taught me about the BIG PUSH last fall (we called our campaign IGNITE) and we saw a 900+ increase in our weekly attendance.  And I just got an e-mail from Kyle Gray the new campus pastor at CedarCreeks second site telling me about the launch of this new site last weekend.  It was amazing.  Here is part of that e-mail:

Hi Dave,



This is Kyle from CedarCreek in Perrysburg.  Well…I should now say this is Kyle from 15 miles west of Perrysburg, in Whitehouse Ohio! We had our grand opening yesterday for our first ever multi-site campus.  The time and effort all of you at CCC have put into the multi-site movement has been a springboard that hundreds of thousands of other pastors all over this country are benefiting from.  I’m one of those pastors that tends to be a moron when it comes to planning things out!  Your conferences, countdown to launch, and incredible input has turned what would be 8 months of stabbing in the dark – into 8 months of simple steps that are practical and constantly reassuring.  We feel so blessed so be just a small part of this incredible adventure and I wanted you to know how much your faith, trust, and efforts are pouring much needed fresh air into the lungs of stagnant pastors around the world.  We opened this weekend with two services at the new campus, where we meet in a high school.  We launched with 1,375 people in attendance…how many of them come back is another story!  -ha!  Our Perrysburg Campus was up as well, despite losing an estimated 600 people to the Whitehouse Campus, we had over 7,300 in attendance between the two campuses this weekend.  We had a gain over all of around 1,500 people!  This is the breath of fresh air we all needed here.  My prayer is that we can carry around 1,000 through the summer and gear up for the Fall Big Push and add two more services at that point. We are efforting towards a goal of launching a new site every year or year and a half, so we’ll see where God takes us.  I’ll continue to keep you all posted, I need you to know that your efforts are bringing lost people into eternity with the Creator here in Whitehouse Ohio. Thanks for everything! 




I love it!  If you are reading this and you are interested in learning how your church can go multi-site, shoot me an e-mail or check out www.newthing.org.  It doesn’t matter if you are a big church like CedarCreek or a much smaller church.  If you have the desire to reach people for Jesus; the leadership to reproduce and a willingness to take big risks – you can do it!

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