Multisite_church_revolution_2Do you find yourself running around like a crazy person right before you leave on a trip?  You know – trying to get stuff done you committed to doing before leaving; covering the bases while you are gone.  That was definitely the case before we left for Hawaii.  And one of the commitments I made was to read and write an endorsement for the soon-to-be-published The Multi-Site Church RevolutionAnd it is a winner!  There is tons of stuff about CCC in it…which is very cool.  Geoff, Greg and Warren did a great job and it will be a tremendous tool in moving the multi-site movement forward.

I made Greg Ligon promise me that my endorsement would go right next to Rick Warren’s endorsement.  When you buy your copy check to see if Greg keeps his promise.  🙂  Here is what I sent them:  Like the shot heard around the world this book announces a revolution in the Jesus mission! The Multi-Site Church Revolution tells compelling stories and gives practical steps for how your church can join this revolution of reproducing missional churches! If I could give every church leader only one book this next year – this is it! – Dave Ferguson, Community Christian Church / NewThing Network.

If any church you know is thinking seriously about going multi-site I have two “must” recommendations:  1.  Attend a  NewThing Multi-Site Practicum 2. Buy The Multi-Site Church Revolution.

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