Blank_pageOK, I don’t get it.  It seems that fewer posts on this blog results in more subscribers to this blog.  I have only posted one time in the last five days and I have seen a significant jump in subscribers.  Does that mean the less I say, the greater influence I have?  Weird!

And just because I didn’t find time to write about this week doesn’t mean that nothing happened this week.  It has been an amazing week!

MONDAY: I flew out to Washington, D.C. and met with Todd Wilson and Jay Steenhuysen to talk about catalyzing a movement of reproducing churches.  There are currently three obstacles:

  1. Leaders – creating a pipeline of young emerging leaders.
  2. Training – equipping these leaders with how to lead a reproducing church and/or a network.
  3. Funding – the finances to make it all happen.

If we can implement the stuff we talked about; then we could see that movement we all dream about!

TUESDAY:  Had some great meetings to put the finishing touches on the Generosity Conference that we are planning here at Community on February 2nd.  It is going to be an event that will mark the history of CCC.  In the afternoon I had a National Board meeting for the Institute For Community where we reviewed a plan to put a community facilitator (think church planter!) in 500 apartment communities across the United States in the next five years.  I love it!

WEDNESDAY:  A day full of meetings at Community where I met with all-staff, Campus Pastors and Lead Team.  In the afternoon I got to connect with Dave Dummit, the Apostolic Leader for one of our NewThing networks – he’s doing a great job!  And then I got to connect with Dave Richa, who is in my  NewThing network and the guy who got NewThing started when he moved to Denver to start a church.

THURSDAY:  Great meeting with Ed Bahler and Joe Myers about the Cornerstone Knowledge Network.  After we talked about CKN we took a ride out to East Aurora with Kirsten Strand and I think we may have experienced one big God-thing!  I saw an old beat-up 50,000 sq. ft. building, but those guys saw a space that could bring transformation to a whole community. Stay tuned.  In the afternoon, Eli Orozco and I got to visit the Chicago Dream Center and see the amazing stuff that Wilfredo DeJesus and New Life Covenant Church are doing in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.  Great stuff. Kingdom Stuff.  On the way home I got to catch up with  Alan Hirsch on the phone and talk about his main session at the Exponential Conference.  I love that guy and I love how he is graciously challenging the body of Christ.  He believes that the U.S. is at a pivotal time and it could either experience great revival or go the way of Europe.   I agree.  I believe God is going to use church planting and reproducing churches to save the day! That night Tim Sutherland and I took the boys to my first Chicago Blackhawks game. The first Blackhawks game for a Chicago grown boy!  Thanks for the tickets and the suite, Chuck!

FRIDAY:  Tried to take the day off since I worked on Monday.  Squeezed in an interview with Outreach Magazine for a future cover story on the state of Evangelism in America.  Pretty big topic and I’m not sure I’m qualified, but it was fun talking to Lindy about the church and what we see happening.  Finished  answering some questions for a chapter in a book that Geoff Surratt is writing.   It  will be a winner…watch for it!

And that brings us to today.  See, I wasn’t loafing.  I just didn’t get a chance to post about it.  But thanks for subscribing anyway!!

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