Jesus_on_cross_1THE SECRET FOR CREATING CULTURE – “We REALLY are going to change the world.” 

It is the lead team more than any other team that will create the culture and the ethos for a church.  When you have a lead team that is clear about the cause; willing to die for the cause; and where serving feels like recess you have created a church culture where people start to believe that we REALLY are going to change the world!

When people get wind of that kind of opportunity, tremendous sacrifices become normal.  Tim, a leader in our church came to us a few years ago and told us that he would like to take early retirement and work for the church without a salary for one year.  After that year was over he wanted us to evaluate him and if we felt he added enough value to our church then we would hire him, if not, then he would find another job and continue as a leader in the church.  We said, “Sure!”  (Talk about a deal you can’t refuse!)  One year later, Tim proved himself so invaluable that we brought him on staff.  I could also tell you about Tammy or about John or Tim or…tremendous sacrifice is normal. Virtually every person on our staff has taken a huge paycut when the left the marketplace to join our team or has been offered more money to join another team but decided to stay.

Why do people make such tremendous sacrifices over and over and over again?  Because of a belief (that starts with the lead team) that this might just be the church that actually does change the world!  There is a vibe in our church that we are up to something big and something special.  This is not something that is talked about in a prideful manner; in fact we are very careful to make sure that God gets all the credit. 

It starts with a lead team that is the micro-culture of the rest of the church.  They are very clear about the cause; willing to die for the cause; when they serve it feels like recess, and together they believe that they REALLY are going to change the world!  Ok, there I’ve said the secrets out loud.  What do you think? 

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