Feelings3Jeff Ekblad, (who is currently reminding us that it is Mustache Awareness Month) Arts Director at CCC-Yorkville came up to me at Leadership Community last month and said in so many words, “I really dig your blog…but I wish you would tell me more about what you are feeling?  Your blog feels like an update on your calendar.”  So, in honor of Jeff’s request this is my “feeling post”.

But here is the problem…I don’t really think people are that interested in how I “feel” about stuff.  But if I’m wrong, this is your chance to leave me a comment and ask me how I “feel” about whatever you want.  Don’t ask me what I think or what I would do.  Just ask me how I “feel”.

How do I feel about this post?  I have a feeling that Mustache Awareness Month will be more interesting.

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