The BIG IDEA is officially out there and people are starting to buy it.  Kinda cool!  While in Orlando at a meeting I had a guy come up to me and say, “hey are you the guy who wrote this book?”  And then he pulled out a copy of The BIG IDEA and told me he bought it at his bookstore in Michigan.  I knew that the guys at Zondervan said they were printing thousands of copies and along with Leadership Network that they would do a bunch of marketing – but it seems more real when that happens!

We got our very first review on  The reviewer gave it five stars and said, This is in my top 5 books that every pastor or staff pastor should read. Dave does a great job not only of explaining the big idea and its need but gives practical and easy ways to implement. Buy this book to truly impact the people you lead.”   We are also starting to get some great reviews from a variety of bloggers.  Here are some:

I did an interview with the Daily Herald last week about The BIG IDEA and it came out in an article titled, Pastor Set To Share His “BIG IDEA”.  (Although it was not just me; there were three of us who wrote the book!)  It’s a pretty good article.

As long as we are talking about The BIG IDEA, if you haven’t checked out The BIG IDEA blog that goes along with our book – check it out!

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