Eric_jon_3Here are my two co-authors (Eric and Jon) of The Big Idea on our ride back after doing an interview at Willow for the Defining Moments audio journal. We found out that they do three of these at a time and we were the second interview.  The first interview was with Dick DeVos (President of the Amway Corporation and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate) on asking people for resources.  The interview after us was with Greg Hawkins on the Reveal book that is creating a buzz around Willow and across the country.  So, it was cool to be in such good company.  It was cool that Willow Creek is right in the middle of doing their own Big Idea that they call Fuel.  Good stuff! I think the highlight of the interview was at the end when Bill talked about how he read The Big Idea, gave it a passionate endorsement and then asked every church leader listening to get a copy and put it into action.  I think I was surprised that he actually read the book.  I was really honored by what he had to say.  If you want to get a copy of the Defining Moments it will come out sometime after the first of the year.  Escorted by Pat on the way home we had our usual good time and stopped for ice cream!

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