Big_idea_teachable_moment_1Carter Moss, CCC’s Montgomery/Oswego Campus Pastor sent this photo to me and it reminded me of one more reason I love the BIG IDEA.  Let me explain…  Jim & Kerry along with their 8-year old daughter McKenzie started attending Community Christian Church within the last year and would tell you this is the place where they found their way back to God. Like everyone at CCC the entire family experiences one BIG IDEA every week.  This past week our BIG IDEA was about Connecting with Friends and it focused on the story in Mark 2 of four friends who brought the paralytic to Jesus for healing.  This was taught to our adults, students and kids in a way that was appropriate for each age.  The next day as Kerry and her daughter McKenzie were playing with Play-Doh, Mackenzie (the 8-year-old) wanted to make a house with 4 guys lowering their friend through a hole in the roof (see the photo).  That is how the BIG IDEA naturally creates teachable moments for the family.

On page 57 of The BIG IDEA we explain it this way:  “Since the kids are Big_idea_cover_9 experiencing the same BIG IDEA as the adults it creates alignment at home.  This parallel direction increases the chances of families having spiritual conversations. It also allows the parents to enter into a spiritual conversation with a greater level of confidence since they just spent an hour learning/experiencing something on the exact same BIG IDEA as their children. Then, when you give your parents a BIG IDEA family page with ideas for family activities and discussions it all comes together to create missional velocity at home.”

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