Big_idea_df_at_npc_1Got some good news from Mike Cook, Zondervan Marketing Director that The BIG IDEA was one of the top selling books at the National Pastors Conference.  He added, “if we had unlimited space and more books to sell we could’ve sold even more.”  Greg Ligon took this pic of me in the bookstore at the NPC near The BIG IDEA display.

To add to the buzz Dr. Michael Duduit, Executive Editor of Preaching Magazine featured The BIG IDEA in his newsletter, Preaching Now. (Thanks Mike!)

Leadership Network on their new blog is telling the world about The BIG IDEA in a post titled, New Buzz, New Blog.

And if you haven’t been over to our BIG IDEA blog; you need to check it out!  We have our second podcast and this one is DJ Chuang of Leadership Network interviewing Eric Bramlett.  It’s worth a download.

I also got word from Todd Wilson, Executive Director of the National New Church Conference that the 100 free copies of The BIG IDEA they were giving away to the next 100 people to register for the NNCC are all gone.  We announced this on January 21st and by February 1st they were all gone. This is a great conference and if you haven’t registered you need to now!

And rumor has it that Eric and I may be talking about The BIG IDEA at the Willow Creek Arts Conference.  Just a rumor…check Eric’s blog for the facts.

Feel the buzz!

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