Dave & Josh at Bears- Packers 12-22-08The record book will tell us that it was the coldest home game ever in Chicago Bears history.  For me it was simply the best Bears game I have ever attended!

When Josh and I arrived it was already double digit sub-zero temperatures with the wind chill factor.  However we had about four layers of clothes and were prepared for the evening.  When we arrived we stopped at the concession stand to get a hot dog and a pop.  By the time I walked from the concession stand and found our seats my diet Coke had already started to freeze!  It was cold and so was the Bears offense almost the whole game.  But our whole section literally stood and cheered for the Bears for all four quarters and then the overtime.  And when Robbie Gould hit that field goal to win it in sudden death overtime to beat the Packers we all went crazy.  We were giving high fives and hugs to every person around us.  It was close to going to church!  It was great game and a great time and a great win.  Go Bears!

I want to also give a shout out and a big thank you very much to Jim Woolums, my facebook friend (and Packer fan!) who gave me the tickets.

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