Christmaspresent As a part of our Christmas offering this year we asked people to finish the statement:  “I’m glorifying and praising God for…” and then send it back to us with their offering.  Here is how one person finished that statement and I had to share it:  “My salvation!  A year ago, I came to CCC
after my second divorce, and yet another broken relationship.  I knew that
I had to change my life.  I had no friends, and I live far away from my family.
CCC woke me up up.  CCC took me in.  CCC became my family.  God
worked through several different people at CCC, but he finally broke through
the hard, cold shell around my heart.  One year later, what a difference
God and CCC has made in my life!  My kids have a new sense of giving and
caring for others.  Me?  Who felt the lowest of lows a year
ago?  I help lead two small groups and look forward to each day on how I
can pass on the gift of love and peace that CCC and God have given me.
Thank you to all the teaching pastors at CCC.  God speaks, through all of
you, to my heart.  Keep up the great work that you do!  Together, we,
along with the Holy Spirit and love, will continue our journey helping people
(like me!) find their way back to God!”
This is why we do what we do at Community!

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