Starting Monday, January 10, and ending on Sunday, January 16, COMMUNITY attenders were challenged this weekend to eat on less than $2 a day. 20% of the world lives in poverty and nearly half of the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day. That two dollars a day is for food, housing, school, transportation, medical emergencies, and all other expenses. The $2 a Day Challenge invites you to experience a little of what life is like by eating on less than two dollars a day for one week. To download a sample menu and suggested food items, click here.

Sue and I decided that the boys and i would take on this challenge.  Over the next week I will update you here on this blog on how it is going and if I am learning anything from this experience or just feeling very hungry and cranky.

The first learning is that when you only have $2/day for food you are more concerned about having enough than you are about how it tastes and “recreational eating.”  So that we could get the most for our money Sue and her friend Mary went out to Aldi’s and did some shopping for the week.  Below is $40 of the $56 worth of food that we will be eating this week.

$40 worth of food (1)

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