Bill_carroll_2I think the best decisions that we have made in the life of Community Christian Church have been people decisions.  Whenever we ask people to join our team they are people we really like, people who are really talented, people who really get it and people who are sold out to the mission!  And then we do our best to hang on to these good people!  One of those good people we have been fortunate to hang on to is Bill Carroll.  10 years ago today we made one of those wise choices and asked Bill to join our team.  Bill is our Arts Champion (among many other things!) and is the most amazing recruiter of artists that I have ever seen.  There is no one better…anywhere!

On Bill’s blog he was reminiscing about my interview with him and the answer that got him the job.  He writes:

  • Question from Dave Ferguson: “What have you done to recruit new musicians?”
  • Answer:  “I have been playing out in a bar band on Friday and Saturday nights. That has been a great open door to have conversations with the guys in my band. Most of them don’t go to church, but they have started playing once in a while for me as favors and some of them have ended up becoming part of the church.”

And he is right, that sold me! And Bill has continued to reach out to believers and non-believers and offer them a meaningful way and place to do their art.  Thanks Bill!

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