“Lead with a yes” is a slogan and value for our CCC team.  Perhaps more than anyone on our team, Sherry Gossman has lived out that value.  Sherry finds a a way to say “yes” and she has does it with a smile.  For that reason and many more we will miss Sherry.  This pic is from the good-bye party our staff had last week for Sherry Gossman and her family (Taylor, Bill, Casey and Sherry).  Sherry has served in a variety of administrative and support roles on our team.  Sherry has the third most seniority on our CCC staff (after Jon and myself who have been at CCC since the beginning) and most of those years she served without a salary. Sherry has been a servant, missional partner and a loyal friend.  We love you lots and will miss you.

If you know Sherry and want to leave her a kind comment, please do.

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