Tax_timeI have a tax time tradition that to my knowledge is unprecedented.  Every year sometime between January 1st and April 15th Jon (my brother and partner in just about everything I do) go to our accountant Todd Zastrow over in Oak Brook and we do our taxes together!  We will sit through this systematic torture together and hope that we survive it.  We have done this for at least the last 15 years. And this will sound weird, but it is really fun!  Part of the fun is in seeing who will take the financial hit that year.  And whoever comes out the best has to buy in our post-tax celebration.  Almost every year one of us goes in thinking we are going to owe a whole bunch or not get back nearly as much as we had planned.  So yesterday Jon and I took our annual pilgrimage to Oak Brook for our tax time tradition. Well, it was my year to feel the stress.  I thought for sure I was getting nothing back and going to owe Uncle Sam.  However things turned out a little better for me than I thought.  But Jon was the big time winner so he had to buy.  That is my tax time tradition.

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