It has been a long, long time since I enjoyed a game as much as I did today watching the Chicago Bears crush the New Orleans Saints 39-14!  The defense was phenomenal as they forced four turnovers.  The running game was stellar rushing for 196 yards.  Rex showed up when we needed him most and played mistake-free football.  The Bears outscored the Saints 21-0 in the fourth quarter.  All that adds up to a Super Bowl bound victory for our beloved Bears!

Ok, Bear fans – let’s enjoy this a little.  What was your favorite moment in this NFC Championship victory?  For me?  I think the turning point was when the Bears lead had shrunk to only two points and they were ahead 16-14.  All the momentum seemed to be with the Saints and then the Bears defense puts pressure on Saints QB Brees and come up with a safety.  2 points for the Bears.  To me, that was the turning point and my favorite moment of the game!  So, what about you?  Leave me a comment and let me know the moment you enjoyed the most.

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