Chicago_parentIn the most recent issue of Chicago Parent they had an article titled, Technology Trap – Is It Hurting Your Relationship With Your Kids.  And guess who is the quoted expert?  Sue Ferguson!!  Here are a couple quotes from the article:

While the mom of three enjoys the perks of technology, like having a cell phone to link her to her daughter, a newly minted driver, Ferguson also worries about how it has infiltrated her family life. “It’s too easy for my 16-year-old to be IM’ing with friends and my husband to be on his laptop and the boys to be on Nintendo,” she says. “I think sometimes it’s fragmenting the family, because everyone has their own little screen that they’re addicted to.”  It’s a good warning…and I’m often guilty (as I type this into my blog while she’s sittting next to me watching the Oscars…oops!).

When Ferguson’s family bought a new minivan recently, she specifically instructed her husband not to buy one with a television built in. She likes that her kids are a “captive audience” in the car and can enjoy quality time with them. “Sometimes parents are too quick to plug the kids in and they miss out on some really good opportunities,” she says.  I agree.  Sue really gets parenting!

If you want to read the entire article from Chicago Parent, click HERE.

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