I’m still buzzing from last weekend. The pic above is of people who came into the new addition of the Yellow Box after the ribbon cutting.   If you want to get more from the CCC-Yellow Box then checkout these two links:  Tammy at Multi-site Kids has a ton of pics from last weekends Fun Fest and more!  Bill at Multi-Site Arts has a bunch of pics and videos from the new Icon service that we started.  Good stuff!

And all the good stuff wasn’t just at CCC-Yellow Box.  If you are into numbers – all of our sites saw a huge bump in the number of people celebrating with us.  After CCC-Yellow Box, it was CCC-Pilsen with the highest percentage increase of 35% over the previous three weekends.  CCC-Yorkville was just behind with a 34% increase and CCC-Shorewood and CCC-Montgomery each jumped by 28%! CCC-Carillon saw an increase of 18% and CCC-Naperville DownTown also had a 10% increase despite all the hype at the Yellow Box!  (Good job DownTown!) The biggest numerical bounces were at CCC-Yellow Box with an increase of 732 people and then CCC-Romeoville with 218!  We had 1348 people at CCC this past week than we averaged the three weeks before that!  Admittedly, I’m a numbers guy.  And let me remind all you non-numbers people that each of these numbers represents someone’s family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker “finding their way back to God.”

I also found out that one of the people that I gave a Crave Kit came to CCC for the very first time last weekend. Yes!!  And they loved it and plan to be back!

As you can see…still buzzing!

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