Generosity_conf_logo Wow!! I believe this weekend was a marker event in the life of Community!  We had 1000 people from Community show up at the Naperville Yellow Box with a passionate desire to become more generous people! And the place was buzzing like never before as we packed both the gymnatorium and the theatre for our Generosity Conference!

The conference was phenomenal.  Julie Bullock did a great job getting everything organized.  Bill Carroll did a great job making sure the arts teams were ready to go (and did they!!).  My friend, James McDonald did a phenomenal job – he is definitely a world class communicator.  I’m getting great feedback on the breakouts.  The breakout that Jon and I did with Joe Myer and Ed Bahler was just what I hoped!  Scott and Kirsten Strand were in there and did a great job of sharing the opportunity we have in East Aurora.  And the prayer/anointing time at the end of my main session was moving – way to go God!  Yes, I’m pumped.  And yes it was awesome!!

I have to be honest.  I knew if we had a conference on marriage/dating or on parenting that we would pack the place.  But I am genuinely surprised at the huge turnout for the Generosity Conference.  It tells me that the people of CCC are looking at their lives and seeing the obstacles (debt, budgeting, etc) that are keeping them from being more generous and want to remove those obstacles.  Wow.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do.

And as I look at the bigger vision that God has for us “The Jesus Mission” (this will be explained more in another post) there are only a few obstacles:

  • Recruiting the leaders committed to the Jesus Mission.
  • Equipping these leaders to accomplish the Jesus Mission.
  • Generously giving to accomplish the Jesus Mission.

Today, we took a big step toward eliminating that third obstacle.  We are becoming an even more generous people!!

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