Greenlakeview1The last comment on my blog came from Tammy who asked, “What happened to your blogging?  Did typepad shut you down after you tried to claim that Chicago was becoming a Sox town?”  Nope!  And Tammy who are you kidding -the Indians haven’t won a World Series since the invention of the LPBut what did shut me down was my family get-away for the last four days to a beautiful part of the world that doesn’t have internet – Wisconsin!  (Now there is something that both White Sox and Cub fans can unite on – a disdain for anything associated with the Packers!)  Anyway, the Ferguson family had a great four days away – relaxing, boating, tubing, swimming, cooking out, etc.   I had no idea that I was going to go without internet for those four days (although I did have my blackberry!).  But now I’m back and there are about a dozen things I thought about posting and will try to catch up over the next few days!  But thanks for noticing Tammy!

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