COMMUNITY has always been about “helping people find their way back to God” so I love it when I hear stories or get e-mails of people telling me of their journey to Jesus.  Here is one from Jami that I just had to share with you:

“The first time entering the CCC Montgomery Campus I could not believe THIS was a church.  The instant energizing vibe hit me as soon as I walked through the glass doors.  The cozy, welcoming foyer area—high tech chalkboard, comforting fireplace, lemonade stand and all!! The bright detailed children’s rooms weren’t anything I ever experienced in a church before.  Even the first service wasn’t comparable to any mass I’d previously attended.  I felt like the guy on the stage was personally speaking to me.  As if he knew my exact lack of faith at that moment…reaching inside to my personal thoughts. That first service I cried more than Cubs fans did when that Steve guy ruined their chance to the World Series!! I actually found myself commuting from my apartment in the city all the way to Aurora a few more times to check this place out.  To this day, just over three months later, the same phenomenon brings me back and the impact is still indescribable.  Now I look forward to weekly services…I actually plan my weekends around them!!  I’ve become so hooked, I am working within Kids City helping out the 1st through 3rd graders with their spiritual path.  Each time a volunteering opportunity presents itself I cannot wait to sign up.  Finding my way back to God has totally allowed me to ditch the despair and loneliness while surrounding me with great people and a greater purpose.  I want to be baptized as an adult to publicly and internally confirm I am one of Jesus’ followers finding my way back to God.”

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