200 Pomegranates
Thanks for stopping by the blog tour for Shawn Wood’s new book, 200 Pomegranates And An Audience Of ONE!  This book is a refreshing reminder of why we serve and worship the Lord with
all of our heart, mind and soul whether anyone else ever notices.  I
love the way Shawn is humble and authentic and shares the lessons he
has learned from Huram, the Old Testament expert craftsman as well as
the stories of the everyday worshipers of God in his own life.  Thanks,
Shawn!  You’ll definitely want to read this book if you want to use
your talent to do something great for God.

Let’s get to know Shawn a little better and why he wrote this book…check out his answers below:

Q. Why do you like Chicago better than Charleston, SC?

A. Dave, what I really hate about Charleston is all the 70 degree weather in the winter, the completely ridiculous three-mile commute that I have to Seacoast and really I mean how many times can you go to the beach a week before it gets old.  I need some below zero arctic blasts in my life.  My blood is just too thin.  But on a serious note I do really like visiting Chicago (especially Naperville) in the fall before all that cold stuff comes.

Q. What prompted you to write this book referencing a little known Bible character, Huram?

A. I actually heard a message in the early 1990’s preached on the “lily work” and “pomegranates” that were carved into the tops of the columns at Solomon’s temple. It was one of those messages that just stuck like a good bowl of cheese grits. I have always had a bent towards the arts through music, design and building and my dad is a metal artisan so it just seemed to resonate with me. Then one day it hit me, this guys carved this stuff not as “art” but as worship. Art is usually viewed by people, but this stuff was thirty something feet in the air and no one would see it. I realized at that moment that we all have something to carve towards an audience of one.  I did think that pomegranates look a little like corn too and I really like corn.

Q. What do you hope readers of your book will get out of it as they read it?

A. I believe that we have been sold a bill of goods that says “we can be anything we want to be”.  That is just not true.  But we can be everything that God wants us to be.  If we will find our purpose right where God has planted us and make our lives worship towards God as an act of carving pomegranates we will change the world.  My hope is that people will realize that God is not waiting on them to become something they are not so they can do things they were never called to do, but that instead they will be the artist God has created them to be and do the things that they were uniquely created to do. This will mean as parents we see the impact we have on our children as a canvas before you, primed to be painted like a the masterpiece God wants them to be. As leaders we will see the people we work with not just as people but pieces of clay that when molded together will create a monument to who God is and as a artist we will see that our gifts, though seemingly distant from the story of God are in fact not just footnotes in his story but cover art for his novel called YOU. If after that happens you do something of great value that can be appreciated by others, I will be a happy author.  But I have to say this quote already made my day:  “I laughed a lot. I cried a lot. Then I laughed and cried some more.” –Shawn’s Mom

Thanks and keep up the great work, Shawn!  If you would like to join me in hosting a blog tour with Shawn – just shoot him an e-mail at shawnsblogspot@gmail.com and maybe he will stop by

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