Noc_07Just landed in San Diego for the National Outreach Convention.  It is going to be pretty quick for me.  I have a dinner tonight, a workshop in the morning a couple connections I’m making in between and then I’m back on a plane headed to Chicago.

If you are here, come to my workshop on the BIG IDEA.  Or better yet – come to the book signing.  Seriously, they asked me to do a book signing which I have a hunch is really a cruel joke because nobody is going to show up.  Now  you might think this is me trying to be self-deprecating, but it’s not!  They had a book signing for us at the Catalyst Conference and Jon and I stood at a table and one guy showed up to have us sign his copy of The Big Idea.  And I think he really just came up to talk to us and we started signing the book before he knew what happened.  Meanwhile Leonard Sweet is right next to us and he has a line full of people waiting for him to sign his book. Funny.  Oh well.  Probably good for me.

Did I mention it is not sunny in San Diego?  Ugh.

And by the way – plane rides are great places to get work done.  I edited a powerpoint presentation, worked on my workshop talk and wrote two articles for different publications while flying from Chicago to San Diego.  That is awesome.

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