Track2_2Yesterday I went to Josh’s track meet to watch him run the 1-mile.  He is a freshman and set a new PR by running it in 5:03.  My first reaction was pride as I heard the announcer say, “Josh Ferguson finishes with a new personal record”.  My second reaction was, “I will never again be able to keep up with him in a 5k run”.

It’s a rite of passage when a son is able to beat his dad in some kind of athletic competition.  I’m sure their must be a name for it, but all I know is it is a weird combination of aging and pride.  I remember the first time I beat my dad in basketball.  We were playing in the driveway at our house and my dad’s assortment of hook shots were not falling and somehow I beat him to 21.  He was angry.  My dad almost never gets angry.

So this week week was some kind of marker event in my relationship with Josh.  He is faster than me.  He is a lot faster than me; and he probably has been for awhile.  Of course, I did beat him and a friend in basketball 21-10 earlier this week in our drive way.  So I’m not completely over the hill!

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