Being a Christ-follower is not a religion or merely a set of beliefs that you acknowledge as true.  When you make the decision to be a Christ-follower, you are called to be revolutionaries who changes
the world.  This weekend we will be begin a series that is appropriately called Revolutionaries

We will build this series around the biographies of some Christ-followers
who revolutionized what it means to followIwillfollowposter_5

Jesus: John Wimber, John Wesley, and
Jim and Elisabeth Elliot.  As a part of this series we will be producing a film based on an
original screenplay called “I Will Follow” where these three sets of characters
interact in a
fictitious setting. We will parallel these different characters lives to the life
of King David to help people experience the importance of celebrating, connecting,
and contributing.  If you want to check out the movie trailer, click HERE.

This will be a series that will challenge you, impact you and if you let it – revolutionize your world.  Invite a friend by clicking HERE.

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