Joy_of_vicotryYou may have noticed that I have not been blogging much over the last week.  (Or maybe you didn’t notice?!?)  It’s because I have been using every spare moment trying to get ready for the National New Church ConferenceThe biggest stress is getting ready for the plenary session that I’m doing.  In the words of Jon Ferguson, “try not to suck!”  Well, it was Thursday morning about 5:15 AM that I had a break through and figured out the direction I want to take this talk.  For me to put a talk together I first need the Big Idea and then I need an outline and then lastly I put all the content around the outline to make sure I’m getting across the Big Idea.  And it was early Thursday morning right after my alarm clock went off that God gave me an outline.  RELIEF!!  I think this picture describes how I felt later on Thursday once I realized that I was going to get this talk finished.

In addition to the plenary session I’m going to doing six presentations and a couple of panels and then an interview or two.  I’m jazzed, but have been kinda stressed about getting it all done in time.  Well, I leave tomorrow for Orlando and I’d love to have you guys praying for me.  I’m going to get to connect with a lot of terrific leaders and speak to over 1800 new church leaders; I want it to really count for Kingdom gain!

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