2practicum1We had a great meeting this week designing our first ever 2+ Practicum.  The 2+ Practicum is a NewThing event designed for church leadership teams who are currently at two or more sites and desire to create a step by step strategy for reproducing beyond 2 sites.  As we begin to brainstorm the content for this experience we came up with these 7 questions that need to be asked when you get ready to reproduce beyond 2 sites:

  1. What is the dream?  What do you want your church to look like one year from now’ five years from now and by the end of your lifetime?
  2. What is essential to your brand?  What is absolutely necessary for a person to experience your brand of church?
  3. What is your organizational design?  Have you transitioned out of an organizational design that worked for two or three sites to one that will work for ten sites and beyond?
  4. What is your leadership pipeline?  Do you have a farm system that is growing up campus pastors?  Do you have a depth chart at every position? 
  5. What is your plan for artist and leadership development?  What is your formal and informal process for developing more and better artists and more and better leaders?
  6. What is your funding mechanism?  How are you going to pay for this dream?
  7. How are you going to maintain alignment?  If you are going to continue to reproduce new sites than how maximize impact by keeping them all in alignment?

I’m not sure that this will be part of the experience or not, but it is a start.  What other questions do you think must be asked when you are reproducing beyond 2 sites?

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