Wheaton_picJon and I had a great meeting yesterday with Rick Richardson and Scott Moreau of Wheaton College Graduate School about the possibility of us teaching a course there.  I’ve known Rick for quite a while.  In addition to being the Director of the Masters in Evangelism and Leadership program he is also the Associate National Director of Evangelism for InterVarsity and the author of ReImagining Evangelism.  (All that sounds impressive, but basically he’s just a really great guy who loves God and wants that for other people!)  I wouldn’t necessarily be that excited about teaching at a college but several things got me pretty pumped about this possibility:

  1. I think this could line up with the vision of the NewThing Network: “to be a catalyst a movement of reproducing churches”.  Here is why – they would like us to design a course called Planting Reproducing Churches as a part of the  Masters in Evangelism and Leadership degree.  Think that fits with our vision?  Think Jon and I might be able to get jazzed about that topic?  Duh!
  2. Teaching a course at Wheaton Graduate School will give us access to more and better potential church planters who we could enroll in our dream of planting reproducing churches.  And maybe they will plant as a part of the NewThing Network.
  3. They are also interested in partnering with CCC and the NewThing Network.  I think this might be of interest to some of our staff and leadership residents because we could potentially create a Masters in Evangelism and Leadership degree program using 28 hours of their core courses and 12 hours that we would design.   And if we get a few people who will do it they will also give us a discount.  Cool.
  4. The course is for 2 credit hours and would require about two and half days.  I think that could be worked into my schedule once a year.

This is not a done deal, but it seems that God continues to open up doors of opportunity for us to have a greater influence.  I just need to discern which ones are in alignment with the vision of Community Christian Church and NewThing and which ones are not.

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