Philippines_josh_kidsWe finally arrived in San Pablo Philippines, the home of Frontline Ministries.  I stayed awake working on the flight to Toyko and then slept on the four hour flight from Toyko to Manila. So, we arrived last night around 2 am and I got another 4 hours before I woke up.  So, I’m feeling pretty good and wondering where the jet lag is going to kick in.  Maybe not!

I like this pic of Josh, my son and a couple of the kids who are part of the ministry here at Frontline.  The smiles are not just for the camera – they are genuine and continuous.

I’m really impressed with the vision of Jeff Pessina and the Frontline Minstry team.  For years they had been involved primarily in evangelistic crusades throughout the country.  The last several year have been a real time of transition as they focus on planting a reproducing church and now have a vision for 17 sites in the next ten years.  There is tremendous alignment between NewThing and Frontline.  They have adopted much of our philosophy about being a reproducing church and our language which includes our slogan “helping people find their way back to God”.

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