This weekend was another one of those phenomenal weekends at Community Christian Church!  These weekends were what we dreamed about when we started this church!  This was a weekend of “helping people find thier way back to God.”  We had more than 40 people go public with their commitment to become Christ Followers by being baptized.  Some of those were planning on being baptized, but many of those after being challenged made the decision spontaneously to go ahead and get dunked!

Dave_jjOne of the people I had the honor of baptizing this weekend was JJ (in the pic).  JJ has been wearing a self-created sticker everyday for the last week that said, “Ask me about __ days from now” as she was counting down the days till her baptism.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and her passion for Jesus is real.  I am really proud of her and the steps that she is taking.  The following is her testimony that she had read to the people of Community Christian Church:

I’m getting baptized today because I’m giving up.  I give up trying to do life my way.  I give up trying to be perfect and trying to please every body.  I give up trying to only please myself.  I give up all the quick fixes and instant gratifications.  I give up my addictions and bad habits.  I give up lying, cheating, stealing and everything in between.  I give up my shame and my guilt due to a broken past.  I give up the relationships that I’ve wanted, that I’ve tried to make happen, and that I’ve never been able to left go of.  I give up not only being the victim in some cases, but playing the victim in most.  I give up living in fear…of failure, rejection, and the unknown.  I give up my lack of trust in myself and in others.  I give up my insecurities, low self-esteem and hopelessness.  I give up my easting disorder and my need to control everything.  I give up my broken heart and the void within.  I give up trying to fill that void with any and everything but the love of Christ.  Today I’m starting over.  Today I get a clean slate.  Today I get my sins washed away!  And I want everyone to know that this time around, with Jesus, I’m not giving up.

Wow!!  Imagine that multiplied by 40!

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