One of the the factors that took our two Gift Marts this year to a whole new level were partnerships.  We had over 50 partnerships with for profit and not-for profits.  For profits include Starbucks, Caribou, Meijer and Home Depot.  Not for profits included other churches like Orchard Community Church who came through with 75 volunteers and over 800 toys!  Thank you!

Here is part of an e-mail I received from another pastor who participated in this years Gift Mart:  “Dave, My family and I (along with a couple of friends) helped out at the Gift Mart today in East Joliet. It would be an understatement to say we were blessed. It was really incredible to see all the toys that were donated and all the families that were blessed by what CCC did. Bob Lowe did an incredible job organizing everything. I participated in the Crowd Control team. I was stationed outside directing people into the parking lot. Everyone that was on my team was very helpful and friendly. I was freezing but it was the best (and most frigid) time I think I have ever had. The best moments were when people would come in to the parking lot and I would smile at them and they would smile back. Thanks for showing the love of Christ in East Joliet.  I look forward to partnering with CCC in future activities.”

This brings to mind the word of Peter Drucker who said, “partner or perish”.  If you got a dream, find good partners who share that dream.

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