So, I’m on my way back from speaking at CCC-Romeoville on Saturday when I get a text message from Bill Carroll at CCC-Yellow Box saying, Bob Russell was in the house tonight!” Some of you might be thinking, “who is Bob Russell?”  Bob was the Senior Minister at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky; aBob_russell
church that grew to an outreach of almost 20,000 people every week.  Bob is one of those guys I have always looked up to.  So, tonight I discovered one of the disadvantages of being a multi-site church – if Bob Russell shows up at your church, there is a good chance that you will miss him!

EDIT:  After I did this post I recieved an e-mail from Bob and in it he passed along some huge compliments to Tim Sutherland, the leader of our Teaching Team.  Here is part of what he said:  “Your people were very kind to us and we really enjoyed being there.  Tim’s
sermon was just excellent.  I don’t know if it was a team effort but he really
delivered it well and there was such great balance between Scripture and
application that I was blessed.  His practical examples of various addictions
(inculding gossip) were really good too.  I can see why you guys are making such
an impact.  Some may attribute your growth to creative programming and
contemporary music.  That helps, but I’m still convinced it’s the
effective preaching and teaching of God’s Word that is the most vital
element.  Keep it up! – Bob Russell”

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