FastcompanyI have been a long time fan of FastCompany.  Usually, I get to read the subscription from our Ground Level Cafe at CCC. Only recently did I actually get my own subscription.  It’s good stuff.  And here is an interesting FastCompany article, Three Ways of Great Leaders based on the research of a couple Harvard guys: Anthony J. Mayo and Nitin Nohria.  They asked the question, what are the elements of this alloy we call “leadership”? Certainly, they include vision and integrity, perseverance and courage, a hunger for innovation, and a willingness to take risks.  But in the process of this study they say they have unearthed an immutable attribute that’s shared by all of the giants of business, and here it is – they each had an innate ability to read the forces that shaped the times in which they lived — and to seize on the resulting opportunities.  Take a read and tell me what you think.  Any thoughts as it applies to church leadership?

From this list they also identify the three ways of great leaders:  1. The Entrepreneurial Leader. 2. The Leader as Manager. 3. The Charismatic LeaderThen to cap it off they put together a list of the top business leaders of the past century with Sam Walton in the number 1 spot and right behind him, Walt Disney.

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