Innovative_churchesI got an e-mail from Tony Morgan asking me to be on a panel that will help select the most innovative churches in America for Outreach Magazine.  Sounds like fun and I’m hoping to pick up a ton of great ideas for Community Christian Church and our NewThing Network churches.

They have started taking nominations for the list of most innovative churches and you can add your nomination by clicking HERE.   I took a quick look and I don’t think CCC has been nominated yet.  Think we should be?  Here is the criteria they are looking for to be on the list:

  • multiple sites
  • lead a church planting network
  • resource for other churches
  • civic partnerships with school or government organizations
  • intergenerational ministry
  • multi-lingual ministry
  • unconventional outreach
  • podcast and/or vodcast
  • innovative web presence
  • blogging
  • social networking (myspace, facebook and YouTube)
  • film/media production

If you know a church like that (hmmmmm…I think I know one!) you can nominate them by clicking HERE.

Here are two things I’d like to know from you.

  1. What other criteria should be added for a church to be considered innovative?
  2. What churches do you think are truly innovative and why?

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