Luggage_5I can see that some of you are not taking my lost luggage very seriously.  I’m hurt.  I’m getting comments from CCC people like:  “Poor Dave…..Man! …that really stinks! (no pun intended)”  OR from my brother-in-law: “Dave – Sorry to hear about the luggage fiasco, but look at it this way- you’ll probably have a greater appreciation for how the locals live now.”  No sympathy.

Well,  after two more trips to the airport they still haven’t found my luggage.  Which means I will be wearing the same shorts for the 6th consecutive day!  (And yes my one other pair of underwear, socks and t-shirt is hanging on clothes line after being hand washed with Ivory soap)  But I do have some good news; it looks like (thanks to Katrina Pelters – see someone cares) I might have a lead on my lost luggage at

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