Newthing_network_2The last several days have been phenomenal .  Why?  This is the once a year gathering of Lead Pastors from our NewThing Network!  This group included myself & Jon from Community Christian Church; Hank Wilson from the Boston Partnership; Brian Moll of Forefront Church in Manhattan, NYC; Dave Dummit at 2:42 Community from outside Detroit in Brighton, Michigan and Dave Richa from Jacobs Well Church outside of Denver in Thorton, Colorado.  All of these churches are doing amazing stuff in amazing places!  And it just totally fun hanging out with them!

We had a great commissioning service this past Saturday for the team that is going to Boston and then we spent yesterday and today talking about what it means to be a reproducing church; how we can improve on the BIG IDEA process that we collaborate on together and how we can catalyze a movement of reproducing churches.  Tomorrow we will spend the day determining all the BIG IDEAS for the next year.  Wow!  Check back and I’ll give you more details on all that comes out of this week.

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