Frontline_hpftwbtg_2_2I got a couple e-mails in the last week from Cliff Parrish describing some God-things that are happening in the Philippines.  Cliff is a CCC-Yorkville attender who is leading the way for us to take NewThing to the Philippines.  Cliff is our connect with Jeff Pessina and Frontline Ministries who are doing great work in that country.  The more we talk to Jeff and his team it is apparent that we share the same desire to start reproducing churches and even some of the same language – check out the slogan on the back of this guys shirt who is a Frontline Church member!  They are currently in the process of building a brand new church facility that they are considering calling, “The Blue Box”.  Love it!  Jeff and some of the team from Frontline will be at the Exponential Conference in April.  I’m looking forward to connecting with them and seeing how we can partner and take our NewThing affiliates to that part of the world.

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