Troy_with_dave_commissioningThis past weekend my good friend Troy McMahon and his team were back in town.  It was great to see Troy with his whole team that is making up the launch team for our newest NewThing church, Restore Community Church of Kansas City.

This pic is from Saturday at our Leadership Community where we brought up the Restore team (15 of the 16 are people who are moving from Community to Kansas City – love it!) on stage to anoint them and pray for God’s blessing on this great new church.  This is a pretty cool moment for me, where I get to anoint Troy.  I remember when Troy first started attending Community and soon became an apprentice leader; then a leader; next a coach; joined our staff team; and then became our first campus pastor.  Now Troy is going to plant what  I know will be a great church in Kansas City!  I’m so proud of Troy, Janet and the whole team!

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